Network Information for Graduating Seniors

Reminder: Accounts Deleted after Graduation

After you graduate, your private network folder, your student Google Apps for Education account, (includes your email account, docs, spreadsheets, presentations, etc.) courses and all of the network drive content (documents, presentations, saved media, emails, shared docs, and so on) associated with those accounts will be deleted, in addition to the accounts mentioned below. If you want to keep items that you created and saved using these tools, you must download those items to another drive. Note that items in your private network folder must be downloaded to separate drive or uploaded to a virtual drive from a school computer.

Maintaining Access to Your Documents

To maintain access to Google Docs, Blogger accounts, Google sites, etc., that you created using SDOP Google Apps while you were a student, follow the instructions below.

Screen shot of Google Download Options

Save Your Google Docs Files (Documents, Presentations, Spreadsheets, Forms)

All of the Google Docs that you created as an SDOP student can be downloaded to your home computer or a zip drive with one easy operation.
1. All Google items can be downloaded from any computer with Internet access. Log in to your SDOP Google Apps account from the "Students" access page on the SDOP home page. Go to  the Documents home page. Move your cursor over a document, presentation, or spreadsheet to highlight it, and click on the "Actions" link that appears to the right. Choose "Download..." 
2. When the download dialog box appears, choose the All Items tab, then select the file formats you would like to use to download your documents. In most cases, nothing has to be changed here. Click "Download" to begin zipping your files. 

* You can only download 2GB of data at a time. 

3. Wait for your files to be downloaded; do not choose any other option. You will have the option to unzip (unarchive) or save your file; choose Save File. Locate your saved file in the downloads directory and move it to your chosen location. 

Transfer Ownership of Your Google Docs

To maintain after-graduation access to the Google Sites you created as a Poynette School District student, you must transfer ownership of those sites to yourself at a private Gmail account. Google Apps will not allow you to share ownership of the site with a non-Google email account. 

Set Up a Free Gmail Account

If you don't have a free Gmail (Google) email account, go to the Gmail home page, click on "Create an account," and follow the instructions to create a new email account. Once you have a valid Gmail account, you may use this address to change ownership of your current Poynette School District Google Sites and other Google tools. Once you have confirmed this email account, log out of your new private Gmail account. 

Change Ownership of Your Google Site

1. Log in to your SDOP Google Site as usual. Click on the "More Actions" button, then click on "Site Permissions." 

2. In the Sharing Settings dialog box, add your new Gmail address in the "Add people" box. Choose "Is owner" from the drop-down menu to the right. Be sure to check the option to send email notifications. 
Click the Share button and close.  

3. Your new Gmail account will soon receive an email with the URL of your Google site. Do this for every Google Site that you have created using your SDOP Google Apps account. 

4. After you leave Poynette School District you will be able to access your Google Sites using your new Google account. Just go to Google and log in with your new user name and password.


Transfer Ownership of Your Blog in Blogger

Screen shot of Exporting a Blog Option

After setting up your new Gmail account, you will now have access to Blogger the same way you did with your SDOP Google account in the more > even more menu.  You will need to log into your SDOP Google Apps account and open Blogger.  While in your dashboard, click on "settings" below the blog that you are wanting to transfer.  At the top of the window you will see "Blog Tools" and the ability to "Export Blog."  You will now Download Blog to your desktop.  It will download as a .xml file.  You can do this to move your blog to another blogging service or simply to store your blog on your own hard drive, as well as upload back to Blogger in your new Gmail account. Once you have downloaded your blog, open your new Gmail account and open Blogger.  You will create a new blog (title, name, word verification).  Then go to "settings" and import existing blog.

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