School District of Poynette Co-Curricular Code of Conduct

Participation in Poynette School District co-curricular activities is an integral part of the Poynette School District curriculum; it is also a privilege that should elicit great pride in both the student and his/her family.  By providing a strong co-curricular program, the Poynette School District extends the privilege of enriching the mind and body to any student meeting district, Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association (WIAA), and any applicable governing body’s requirements. 

The Co-Curricular Code of Conduct is a commitment by participants to follow established rules.  Co-curricular participants who comply with this code of conduct demonstrate a desire to dedicate themselves to self-improvement as well as to enhance the best interests of teammates/co-participants, advisors/coaches, and the school.  If accepted, this privilege carries certain responsibilities – those responsibilities are presented in this co-curricular code. 

It is important that students and their families understand this committment. Please review the Co-Curricular Code of Conduct by clicking on the link below. 

Student Co-Curricular Code of Conduct

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