Health Forms for Students

Following is a collection of documents and forms that must be completed and submitted for various grade levels and students new to our district. Print and complete the forms relevant to your child and submit them to the school nurse.

Authorization to Administer Medication-Child Care
This form provides authorization to administer medication for the four year old preschool student.
Child Health Report-Child Care Centers
Students in our four-year-old preschool program must submit this report to our school nurse.
Day Care Immunization Record
Four year old preschool students must return this form to our school nurse.
Student Vision & Eye Health Exam Report
Kindergarten students must submit this report detailing their vision and eye health exam.
Physical Exam Report
The Health Care Provider Report of Physical Examination must be submitted for new students of all grade levels.
Student Immunization Record
This immunization record must be completed for students at any grade level.
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