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Special Education Overview

The School District of Poynette offers a wide range of specially-designed instruction and related services for our students who qualify as a child with a disability. Because special education is a federal program, by definition a child with a disability is a child who has been found eligible by a school and parent team to have an impairment and the need for specially designed instruction. The child or older student must be at least three years old, but not yet 21, and not yet graduated form high school. If the school/ parent team determines that the student is eligible for programming and services, an individual education plan will be written that clearly outlines the instruction and school commitment.    

If you have concerns for your child, or a child residing in our school district, please contact the Director of Student Services about referral information. 

Frequently Asked Questions for Special Education

Referral Processes

The link below is a copy of the notice placed in our district's document of Annual Notices, published at the beginning of the year. It explains student records that the district maintains about each student in the district and how to make a referral of any child if you have concerns. As part of our commitment to early intervention, the district offers a screening at the beginning of each school year for three and four year old children. Also, ongoing screening is a part of our four year old kindergarten program. Contact the Director of Student Services with any questions about screening, student records or other referral information.

Child Find Notices

Your Rights Under Special Education Law

Linked below are two resources regarding your rights under special education law. One is a copy of  parent rights under the federal special education laws. The other is a resource developed jointly by CESA 7 and the Department of Public Instruction called Special Education in Plain Language.

Special Education Parent Rights
Special Education in Plain Language
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