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Overview of Our Student Services Department

The School District of Poynette offers many support services to assist our students and families.  Many of us think of Student Services as School Psychology, School Counseling and School Nursing, but they are much more comprehensive than that.   Student Services  encompass the entire continuum of support services that help our students be successful in their school years.   Some of  these services include what we call Advanced Learners (Gifted and Talented programming), alternative education programs and special education.  Explore the programs we offer. Feel free to contact our Director of Student Services at 608-635-4347x201 to learn more about how we can better serve your student through the following resources and support systems.

Student Services Programs

Advanced Learners:  The District recognizes that each student possesses unique needs and abilities.  In an effort to meet the needs of our highly able students the District employs an Advanced Learners Support Coordinator who oversees the many services and supports to extend the learning and challenge needs of these students in their academic endeavors.

Alternative Education:  The School District of Poynette provides a variety of alternative educational options aimed at meeting the needs of students if they are not able to demonstrate success in the traditional school setting.

Alcohol and Other Drug (AODA) information and awareness: Our school counselors work with teachers to incorporate an AODA curriculum and AODA awareness activities  into most grade levels.    

English Language Learners:   The ELL program offers assistance to help bridge communication needs, and provides supports ensuring academic success for students who are not native English speakers.

Family Resource Support Directory:   In a joint effort with Columbia County Health and Human Services the District provides an up-to-date family resource directory of local and county supports and services.

Health Services:  Our district provides health and nursing services for students needing those supports.  Through our Health Services we disseminate information regarding public health services, disease prevention, health promotion and health plans. Our Health Services also provides emergency nursing services and maintenance of immunization and health records.   

Homeless Support Services:  The district understands that families may  experience extreme economic hardship and fully embraces its obligations toward implementing the federal McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Assistance Act aimed at providing stability for students whose families are in transition.   

Pre-school developmental screenings:   The district strongly encourages parents with 3 and 4 year old children to attend the beginning of the year 3 and 4 Year Old Screening.

Psychological Services:   A School Psychologist is employed by the district to provide assistance in maximizing a student’s achievement in school, often through individual assessment and evaluation, especially in the are areas of social/ emotional, mental health, and academic challenges.  

School Counseling:  The District incorporates a curriculum based on the Wisconsin Comprehensive School Counseling Model. Counselors work closely with students, parents, teachers, and other supports to meet the developmental and academic needs of our students.

Special Education:  The School District of Poynette provides services for students ages three to twenty-one who are identified as having a need for special education. Individualized programs for children with educational disabilities are designed to meet our students’ unique educational needs. If you have a concern about a child (or current student) please contact the school.   

State and District Assessment:  A variety of state and district assessments are given at most grade levels. The data generated from these assessments are instrumental in designing and improving the array of programs and curriculum offered through the District. 

Alternative Programming Options

The following represent alternative programming options used in our district

Madison Area Technical College (MATC) provides an alternative to students with goals of the High School Equivalency Diploma (HSED).  Students attend classes approximately 15 hours per week with a cost of $3,000 per year (based on full year enrollment). To complete the HSED a student must demonstrate passing scores on the GED battery of five tests (Writing Skills, Social Studies, Science, Interpreting Literature and the Arts, and Mathematics), along with successful completion of Health, Citizenship and Employability skills.  Attendance is reported bi-weekly to the school

Operation Fresh Start, founded in 1970, is an alternative program that has an intensive counseling and employability training program.  Students are assigned to building trade teams, servicing the community by building five to eight affordable houses each year.  On-site work is supported by two hours per day of classroom work where students complete coursework toward a High School Equivalency Diploma (HSED).  Out cost for Operation Fresh Start is $2,700 (based on full year enrollment)

Wisconsin National Guard Challenge Academy is a 17 month program for high school students ages16.9 through 18.  The program involves a 22-week residential phase at Fort McCoy, WI, and a following 12 month Mentored Post-Residential Phase.  Two class cycles are conducted each year, beginning in January and July.  The program consists of Eight Core Components: Academic Excellence, Job Skills, Physical Fitness, Leadership/Followership, Health and Hygiene, Life Coping Skills, Responsible Citizenship, Service to Community.  DPI reduces the June Equalization aid payment (based on per pupil) by a % of the cost or the district revenue limit...whichever is less.

Columbia Marquette Adolescent Needs School (COMAN) is a collaborative effort between CESA 5, Columbia and Marquette County Human Services Department and CESA 5 school districts.  COMAN is designed for students who have been identified with emotional behavioral disabilities and are experiencing significant behavioral, social and academic difficulties in a traditional school setting.  Students enter COMAN through the IEP process.  COMAN is a program designed to transition students back to their home school district or employment.  Annual cost to a school district is approximately $18,000.

Federal Job Corps is a residential job training and education program with a focus on helping economically disadvantaged youth ages 16-24.  Students receive hands-on-training in a career area and earn either an HSED or GED.  The Wisconsin site is in Blackwell, WI.  Because this is a federal economically disadvantaged youth program there is no cost to the district.  

Additional Information About Student Services Programs

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We also call your attention to the Parents/Community section of our website. The Student Services team has assembled some suggestions and resources for handling bullying, self-esteem and AODA use.   Please feel free to contact the Student Services department with any questions regarding this and other services we offer. 

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