4K Program Information
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Providing all four year old children with a positive and nurturing experience that builds a strong social and educational foundation for successful life-long learning.

What is four-year-old preschool?

Four-year-old preschool is a school district program that offers all four-year-olds in the school district an option for a pre-school experience.  The four-year-old preschool program is designed to give students a opportunity to be better prepared to begin formal kindergarten. This program is a developmentally-appropriate program with a Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction certified teacher in each classroom.  In addition, the preschool program provides families with support and resources as well as networking between parents, school and community programs.  
Who is eligible to enroll in four-year-old preschool?
Any child who resides in the School District of Poynette and is four years old on or before September 1 of the upcoming school year is eligible to enroll.  There are no special requirements or income restrictions to enroll.  Four-year-old preschool is free, public education, the same as K-12 public education. Children who have not been screened by our district professionals will be requested to do so. Registration and screening sessions for the 4K program are typically conducted annually in April. During the screening sessions, children will work with a school professional on fun school-like activities. This screening is conducted to examine your child's readiness in a number of academic areas including speech and language, motor skills and pre-academic skills. After the screening, parents can meet with school professionals to work together to determine which district services will best meet the needs of the child. 
What will my child learn in four-year-old preschool?
There will be an emphasis on hands-on and active learning tasks.  Children will participate in large and small group experiences and play activities will be used to encourage discovery learning and practice of new skills in a number of different areas. The curriculum areas will include social and behavioral readiness for learning, language development and communication, cognition (logical thinking) and readiness concepts for academic success.  Students will also get self-help instruction so they can work toward independence, as well as participate in large and small muscle activities and creative expression activities. The activities are not a replacement of the current kindergarten curriculum, but will support the skills needed as children enter school. The foundation for instruction will come from the Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards and other available curriculum programs.
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