Some would argue that the Puma Pride scores are the most critical pieces of the student report card. Each student at Poynette Middle School is assessed at the end of each term on the following behavior/effort expectations:


-Listens Attentively

-Treats others with kindness

-Completes and returns work in a timely manner

-Follows classroom expectations

-Follows school rules


These are expectations that are so important we report on each student’s progress separately.  Our goal is to give students and parents more information about progress in school.  The choices that students make on a daily basis can lead to a perfect Puma Pride report of Meets Expectations (ME) in every category for each student.


These five areas are the critical skills that employers are looking for in potential workers.  The Puma Pride scores are a key piece of data that is indicative of what type of learning culture we have in each of the classrooms throughout the school.  Our goal is to have each student earn a “Meets Expectations” score in each area.  This is a critical piece of our students reaching their individual academic goals.


The Puma Pride rubric and descriptors are referred to often by teachers when working with our students.  As you communicate with teachers, feel free to reference any of the five areas of the Puma Pride rubric.  You can see a copy of the Puma Pride rubric on the back of this article.  Also, when report cards come out, it is a reasonable expectation of every parent to expect perfect scores in each of the 5 areas.  The Puma Pride scores outline good work habits for students, and are keys to each student’s success.


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