6th Grade Core Academics

This sixth grade year will be filled with challenges, knowledge, fun, and at times, frustration. Each of us on the team is certified as elementary and middle school teachers so we understand the elementary student as well as the demands of middle school.

            As a team we focus on the “whole child” in all areas, not just in our individual subject areas. 

In sixth grade we focus on the skills of analyzing, problem solving, creativity, application, research and communication, which will enable students to retain and use the basic skills to a greater degree.

            Each of us has an individual teaching style, which offers the students diversity, and provides more opportunities to reach all the students.  This creates a positive environment for all. Our team consists of Mr. O'Connor (Math), Mr. Kallungi (Social Studies/Math), Mrs. Rogness (English Language Arts), Ms. Schoen (Science) and you the parent.  We meet as a team, which allows us to be available to collaborate and focus on any problems that may arise.  Please feel free to contact us or come to our team meeting to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.


 We look forward to a great year! 

Mr. Kallungi, Mr. O'Connor, Mrs. Rogness, & Ms. Schoen


What's Happening in 6th Grade?

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