Family Resources for Supporting Students

Listed below you will find a number of resources that members of our student services team have assembled. Many of the resources gathered below stem from parents' frequently asked questions. Resources include from things like "what to do if my child is being bullied?" to "who should I contact when my family is in crisis?" (Family Resources Directory). These resources provide parents with a few strategies in dealing with the many issues children and families face today. Please let us know your suggestions.  

Community Resource Guide
About Bullying
If You Suspect Your Child is Misusing Alcohol or Other Drugs
10 Ways to Help Your Child Develop Stronger Self Esteem

Setting Boundaries with Love & Logic

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Parenting is hard work. You want your children to grow and learn yet you need to set limits and boundaries. It is the same for teachers as we work with your children. There are tools to help us set limits, hold students accountable and foster their growth.

A cadre of teachers in our district participated in a series professional development events focusing on classroom management strategies using Love and Logic practices. Look to our website and facebook page for the same helpful tips from our classroom Love and Logic practices to help you at home.

More information on the tips and Love and Logic can also be obtained from Leah Preiss at or Vicki Sukowski at

The Basic Steps of Love & Logic

Rule #1: Adults set firm limits in loving ways without anger, lecture, or threats.

Rule #2: When a child causes a problem, the adult hands it back in loving ways.

Top Five Steps:

1. In a loving way, the adult holds the child accountable for solving his/her problems in a way that does not make a problem for others.
2. Children are offered choices with limits.
3. Adults use enforceable statements (for example: “Feel free to watch tv after your homework is finished.”)
4. Adults provide delayed/extended consequences.
5. The adult makes sure to show empathy before and during the delivery of consequences.

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