School District of Poynette Swimming Lessons
Photo of Students in a Swimming Lesson

The School District of Poynette offers several sessions of swimming lessons to serve our students, families and community. Following are the sessions we will be offering for the school year. There is a $30 fee for swimming lessons.  Space is limited for swimming lesson sessions. Registration for swimming lessons is open for a specific period of time. Watch our website for registration window time frames. 

Interested in registering for our next sessions for swimming? 

  • Swimming Lessons Sessions will begin in January. Lessons will be on Mondays again this year. 
  • Swimming lessons will run from January 16 - March 6th.
  • Registration is open now through January 13th.

Visit this section of our website during inclement weather to see if swimming lessons will occur.

Winter Swimming Lessons Registration

Swimming lessons will be on Mondays after school.

  • Following is the schedule for swimming lessons:
    • Winter Lessons: January 16 through March 6
  • There is a $30.00 fee for lessons. Fees are due at registration.
  • Class sizes are limited and proof of age may be required.
  • To register, families may complete the Registration Form and send it back to school, to the attention of the Pool Coordinator
  • Registrants may remit a check by submitting payment at any of our school district offices or remit payment via mail. When mailing or dropping off the check, label the envelope to the attention of Pool Coordinator. All checks should be made payable to the School District of Poynette. 
  • Be advised that certain session times fill up quickly, please plan accordingly.
  • Questions regarding our swimming lesson program should be directed to Vicky Leiterman, Pool Coordinator at 635-4347 ext 420.

Swimming Lesson Courses Information

Parent and Child Aquatics-For children 3-36 months and their parent: 

  • Provides water experiences and activities for children and parents. Swimming diapers are required.

Preschool Aquatics-For ages 3-4

  • Level 1- Orients children to the aquatics environment and helps them gain basic aquatic skills
  • Level 2 - Helps children gain greater independence in their skills and develop more comfort in and around water

  • Level 3- Helps children start to gain basic swimming propulsive skills to be comfortable in and around water.

Learn to Swim-For ages 5 and up

  • Level 1 - Introduction to the water
    • Helps participants feel comfortable in the water
  • Level 2 - Fundamental Aquatic Skills
    • Provides participants' success with fundamental skills
  • Level 3 - Stroke Development
    • Builds on the skills in Level 2 through guided practice in the deeper water
  • Level 4 - Stroke Improvement
    • Develops confidence in skills learned and improves other acquatic skills
  • Level 5 - Stroke Refinement
    • Provides further coordination and refinement of strokes
  • Level 6- Swimming and Skills Proficiency
    • Refines the strokes so participants swim with ease, efficiency, power and smoothness over greater distances


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