Message from Your Administrator
Photo of Mr. Shappell, District Administrator

Mr. Matthew Shappell, District Administrator

Dear Poynette Educational Community:

The School District of Poynette has a long history of providing opportunities for academic and co-curricular success. We are justly proud of the achievements of all of our students, both in and out the classroom. This doesn't happen by accident. It happens when community support, excellent people and quality facilities come together.

Our district’s duty is to ensure that curriculum and instruction meets the needs of all learners.  That means we must recruit and retain the best staff possible.  Our people are incredible, often putting in long hours and always ready to learn new approaches so every student reaches his or her potential.  Our district is only as good as the people in front of the students--and that isn’t limited to teaching staff.  Every cafeteria server, administrator, secretary, teacher, coach, custodian...every staff member plays a critical role in student success.  They bring a profound level of commitment to Poynette Schools.

As a community, we must work together to ensure our students become productive members of a global society.  It is in that spirit of partnership that we ask for your continued support.  By participating in events, sharing ideas with administration and staying involved with the changes that are occurring in education, you fulfill your critical part of the bargain.

I look forward to a successful year of challenges and rewards and invite you to participate in the future of Poynette.  Together we can meet the challenges and enjoy the rewards. Together, we will do great things for our students.

Matthew Shappell
District Administrator

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